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Is your battery on the way out? Don’t get taken by surprise by a dead battery; our battery testing service lets you know how well your vehicle is performing.

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Testing Now Avoids Problems Later

A long drive provides a boost to your batteries, but if each car ride only takes you a few miles, your car battery is under stress.

Tips to Improve the Life of Your Battery

  • Be sure that all of your lights — both outside and inside — are off before you leave your car.
  • Your power adapters should be unplugged when you reach your destination.
  • Plan for your trips to be 20 minutes or longer. This gives your car’s battery an ample amount of time to fully charge. Taking mostly shorter trips can prevent the battery from reaching its full charge and reduce its lifespan.

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Make Your Appointment When Should I Change My Car Battery?

Complimentary Battery Check

Actuate the positive, eliminate the negative.

Just like other systems in your vehicle, the way you drive can affect the lifespan of your battery. Long drives of at least 20 minutes provide ample time for your battery to fully charge while shorter drives can deplete its resources and cause it stress. This can lead to battery failure — even during mild weather.

Fortunately, there are ways to protect yourself from being stranded with a dead battery. Getting your battery tested on a regular basis is quick and simple. At Naples Nissan, we offer complimentary battery testing to keep you safe out on the road. You should get your battery tested more often if it is over four years old or if your vehicle seems to be slow starting.

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